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  • Weeping Tile Jetting and Cleaning

    Over time weeping tile systems can become clogged with clay, minerals, sediment or soil that has seeped through the filtration process. Instead of taking the more expensive approach of replacing the entire weeping tile system, we may suggest the excavation and cleaning of your weeping tile by sending 3000 psi at 5.6 gpm of water through the weeping tile and flush out all the clogged particles. Depending on the age of your house will depend on which type of weeping tile your house will have and which tactic we would use to clean it out. If your home is built before 1973, it most likely has a clay pipe weeping tile system with a 90 degree "elbow" shaped pipe at each corner.

    Do to the angle of the pipe, sending the line around the corner of your house is difficult, so in order to flush the pipe efficiently we excavate at opposite corners of your home and feed the line in from those locations. If you home has Big "O" weeping tile, feeding the line around the corners of the home is a breeze.