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  • Exterior Basement Foundation Waterproofing Application

    This basement / foundation waterproofing system is installed outside and requires excavation of the ground along the wall that will be treated with the basement / foundation waterproofing application. The basement / foundation waterproofing application will both seal the crack (preventing water from entering the sealed crack) and prevent water from entering new cracks that may form in the concrete wall after the system is installed. The lateral drain will resolve the issue of hydrostatic pressure that builds up next to the wall by draining the water down to the same depth as the footing (the base that the basement wall rests upon) into the weeping tile system.

    This basement / foundation waterproofing system is recommended for homes and other types of buildings that are unable to have interior drainage systems installed due to reasons such as the "basement is finished", "there are large immovable objects that are in the way and taking up too much room", and because "the construction could prevent important tasks from being accomplished".