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  • Epoxy Resin Injection / Cracked Concrete Foundation Repair

    The Aquaseal™ two-part, high solids, Low or Mid viscosity crack injection epoxy is designed to repair cracks in poured concrete foundation walls. The mixed adhesive has the viscosity of light oil and a low surface tension that enables it to penetrate fine to medium width cracks. Resin and hardener is loaded and contained in the 2 part cartridges. Once the mixing nozzle is threaded onto the 2 part cartridge, the materials are in injected and mixed as per manufactures specifications..

    Epoxy Crack Injection is only suitable for cracks in poured concrete walls. Pricing for epoxy crack injection are different from company to company keep in mind that there are hundreds of different grades (pricing is applicable to grade of material and manufacturer) of epoxy throughout the industry. Most often the most extremely reputable contractors will be using the best grade of materials available. Most contractors only promote polyurethane injections simply because their profit margins are typically much higher especially if they are using a lower grade material. Costs for epoxy crack repairs are less controllable as more material could be used even on a hairline crack then what first estimated. An epoxy wall crack injection could be from 1/16 inch ($750) structural cracks repairs as high as ($3700.00) for a high grade material (Aquaseal™ ) for a foundation wall crack. Epoxy resin injections one solution for a crack in a basement wall and is arguably the best repair (ask any structural engineering firm). The reason is that epoxy resin, when injected, low-viscosity crack injection epoxy is designed to repair cracks in concrete. The mixed adhesive has the viscosity of light oil and a low surface tension that enables it to penetrate completely fine to medium width settle foundation cracks and also heavier viscosity materials for even wider structural basement repairs. Resin is contained in the side by side cartridge and hardener is contained in the opposite cartridge. Once the nozzle is threaded onto the side by side cartridge, the hardener and resin in cartridge is forced through a mixing nozzle at a specific 2 – 1 ratio, goes into the crack and fills it all the way to the outside. It also provides structural strength and binds the concrete. Epoxy resin is also an inexpensive repair in consideration of the other types of repairs aside from polyurethane which can be somewhat at the same cost but inferior to epoxy. Epoxy resin injections can fill walls up to 24 inches thick. The price of an epoxy crack injection is typically less than 1/3 of the price of excavating and waterproofing from outside. It should be noted that epoxy foundation crack injections are only done on houses with poured concrete foundations. It just can´t be done effectively on stone foundations or rubble foundations and it also isn´t feasible to inject in block foundations because the injection will end up draining into the hollow block core. Pricing for epoxy injection can also vary depending if it´s a 8” poured concrete wall standard poured height or 10” poured wall 8ft – 9ft poured wall or hairline cracks 1/16” or 1/8”or 5/8” in gauge.